Kuala Lumpur
Architecture Festival 2018
About: Re:position
4th - 7th July 2018 (Wed - Sat), Plenary Hall, Level 3, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

The DATUM:KL series of conferences, symposiums and forums returns again in July with a new line up of offerings, featuring key speakers and innovators from the region and globally, with refreshed and new formats while keeping the best from previous editions. Aligning with the KLAF2018 principal thematic of CHANGES, Datum:KL seeks to explore in parallel the agency of RE:POSITION as a means to deal with a contingent and changing landscape for architectural practice and discipline. Architecture from antiquity had centered on objectives and ideals of permanence, stability and universality but increasingly, the construction of those very fundamental foundations of architectures are being challenged, often in surprising and unexpected ways. The 2018 series sets out to explore the new roles architecture and design play in the (re)configuration of environments accelerated by shifting urban conditions, political structures, design economy, social cultural domains and digital realms.

With Malaysia today being referred to as a ‘new’ country after the historic May 9th event, it underscores the need to review and redeploy our new collective enthusiasm and imagination towards an architectural project, towards reinforcing and invigorating the need for BETTER ARCHITECTURE, BETTER CITIES! With this as our new backdrop, Datum:KL will provide a setting and platform to ignite new objectives towards a new commonality and collectivity.

In addition to our usual programmes with the 3 events (Datum:KL, Datum:GREEN and Datum+PLUS), we are pleased to introduce a new event this year. The inaugural Datum:EDU is designed as an education segment with specific focus on architecture and design education in association with Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (Malaysian Board of Architects). Entitled Towards a New Paradigm in Architectural Education, the new conference will be a one-day event scheduled for 4th July 2018 and will feature key speakers and participants from a range of institutions across the region and internationally.

Datum:KL will also feature several films as part of its programme this year and we are very excited to be able to be able to make this happen. Full announcements will be made soon. All participants to any Datum event will also each receive a complimentary copy of the official KLAF catalogue, LOGBOOK, as part of the registration fee.



06 - 07 July 2O18, 9:OOam - 5:30pm, Plenary Hall KL Convention Centre

The annual highlight and main event of KLAF, this year’s conference takes place on July 6th and 7th, 2018. An exciting selection of panellists and speakers has been lined up to bring to Kuala Lumpur the most current and impactful developments, ideas and key messages. Both international and local speakers will continue to provide the leadership and exemplary keynotes resonating with the overall KLAF2018 thematic.


05 July 2O18, 9:OOam - 1:OOpm, Plenary Hall KL Convention Centre

Datum:Green is a half day forum featuring the latest in sustainable design and eco-centric research both in Malaysia and worldwide. Speakers are drawn from a wide range of roles and professions, to share and discuss common issues and specialised techniques in addressing climate and sustainability issues, in preparing and developing a range of approaches that are in themselves both major and minor but altogether effective and responsive.


05 July 2O18, 2:OOpm - 6:OOpm, Plenary Hall KL Convention Centre

Architecture by its very nature is informed by a wide range of discipline and knowledges, and it is this relationship from which architecture emerges. DATUM+PLUS celebrates the spectrum of alternative skillsets and expertise that has proven to be important ingredients in the making of exemplary buildings today. The speakers for this half day symposia are selected from both within and outside architectural professional boundaries and demonstrate the complexity and richness of the discipline of architecture today.




04 July 2O18, 9:OOam - 6:00pm, Plenary Hall KL Convention Centre

The architectural profession is today confronted with an increasingly complex and challenging environment. From the local to the global, the international to the vernacular, architects have to continually adjust and adapt their practice in a fast changing milieu to engage with new shifting conditions both within the profession and externally. The new generation of architects are called upon to provide better answers and solutions, to lead and inspire in a world requiring ideas, beauty, optimism and inspiration. As part of the yearly Datum:KL conference, the inaugural Datum:EDU conference is a one-day event that seeks to explore the different methods of pedagogical approaches and formats of institutions and academies across the region and internationally. How does architectural education keep track with the CHANGES in our contexts and circumstances to remain relevant in an age of the contingent. Delegates from the South East Asia (ASEAN region), Malaysia and internationally will gather in Kuala Lumpur this July 4th, 2018 to meet, network and discuss current issues on architectural education and its direction.